Black and White Trial

This is the best photo from my my white test trials.

1. When using a white object we are able to see more clearly how the type of light, ISO and EV can affect a photo. This picture was taken with ISO 100, EV +0.3 with the ‘cloudy’ type of light. All this settings gave the picture this slight pink tonality, which contrasts with the black surface. With a very high EV, we would not be able to the see the shades in the wrinkled paper, since it would be very bright.

2. For a white object on a white surface, a lower EV works better. With a very high EV value the photo gets so bright that it is even hard to discern where the object ends and where the surface starts. For white objects on a dark surface a EV value slightly over 0 should work fine (this picture has a +0.3 EV value), but it all depends on the amount of light in the picture. For a black object on a black surface I particularly like a very low EV value. The picture of the sunglasses, for example, have a very low EV value (-1.3). It was taken with a ‘cloudy day’ type of light.

3. I really enjoyed taking around 250 pictures of the same object from different angles and light conditions. During that process I was able to notice what my personal taste for pictures is. The idea of have the ‘ideal EV value’ for a picture is not tue. Everyone has a different perception of what a good picture is. The decision of calling a picture good is a matter of general but also personal aesthetics. For example, I liked my black in black pictures with a very low EV value, while Ariel liked another one wich I almost called mediocre.


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Music student (Violin Performance) at DePaul University in Chicago
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