Blog Post 2

This picture is a hommage to Edward Hooper, an American painter. The original painting is called “Nighthawks”. The settings of the picture are a little different from the original painting. The vantage point is different, it is not so angular as the painting. There is also way more contrast between the blue, red and the green from the pavement. The picture is marked by straight lines running horizontally. The picture in contrast with the painting has a different feeling of space, being the picture ‘smaler’ than the painting. In the picture there is also way more emphasis in the people, especially the man wearing suit, rather than in the place itself.

I wonder how this picture was taken, and what editing procedures were applied to get to that result. I also wonder if the name of the picture, “Anne-Charlotte, Arnaud et Stephane (2000) Clark et Pougnaud” is the actual name of the people on it and the place where it was based from.


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