Ring-a- Round

I do not like the original picture anymore. I think the yellow 10 and the green 10 have a more pleasant effect.

This test revealed that playing with color balance can make pictures look more natural or give more contrast to a certain characteristic of the picture. In my black and white picture, I felt that the yellow balance gave more contrast between the white and the black, which I liked. If the type of light in my picture was different (let’s say tungsten, for example), I would probably had chose a color balance towards blue in order to counter-balance the predominance of yellow in the picture. However, since I took this picture under a fluorescent type of light, I balanced the predominance of blue of the original picture with yellow, in order to make it look more natural.

My classmates interpreted the assignment not very differently than me. Ariel Garcia took a very interesting black and white picture of a sort of waffle that looks like a sewer lid. However, he did not use this picture for the part B. I guess because that picture did not have enough texture.


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Music student (Violin Performance) at DePaul University in Chicago
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